Manufacturing Process and Quality

Merchandise quality is our main concern. That is why we offer a 7 year warranty. We care deeply about what we produce, and have quality controls to ensure our chair will last long and you will be satisfied.



leatherWhen you see this icon on product page, it means the leather is made of natural cowhide. This ensures long lasting look and feel of the chair. Natural cowhide leather is used for all our managerial chairs.

The whole process of upholstering is hand crafted with the help of machine to do the sewing. There is a human involved in every step of the manufacturing process, including varnishing, filling foam, sewing, covering with leather and final inspection.

We use strong, double seams to ensure durability.

denv3    dall5

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Steel body construction

We do everything to ensure best quality possible. This is why we decided to manufacture the steel parts ourselves. No external company was able to manufacture this hidden, but very important part sufficiently.

This looks like a very easy part to outsource, but this is something no serious seating company should compromise on.

Each steel construction part is produced individually. Because we do low-volume production, the best way to do it is have a skilled machinist do the work.

Wooden parts

The actual wooden structure will differ even for same products. The wood might also have some imperfections which is a normal situation when it comes to natural materials. Human-operated machines are used to create the shapes and bending.


Final Assembly

Final assembly and packaging is also done in our home town, Ostrava. As you can see, the whole manufacturing process takes place in one area, so that we can oversee it and make sure everything is up to our standards.


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